broadcast, (broadcast)

broadcast, (broadcast)
نَشَرَ \ advertise: to make known (things offered or wanted) by a public notice: I wanted to sell my car, so I advertised it in the newspaper. broadcast, (broadcast): to send out (news, music, etc.) in all directions, esp. by radio or television. give out: to say publicly; hand out publicly: The news was given out at the meeting. Copies of the report were given out too. print: to press inked blocks of metal letters on to paper; produce written material in this form: These words are printed. The newspaper did not print my letter. publish: to make known (news, facts, etc.) to the public. saw: to cut with a saw. scatter: to throw loosely about: The farmer scattered his seed. spread: to unfold; stretch; cause sth. to cover a certain area (or a certain period): She spread a cloth over the table. The bird spread its wings. She spread out the wet clothes to dry in the sun. \ See Also أذاع (أَذاع)، أعلن (أَعْلَنَ)، طبع (طَبَعَ)‏

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